Last full day on the island, and Yuji’s birthday to boot. I had planned ahead, bringing pre-measured, pre-sifted ingredients for a chocolate cake. All I had to do here was mix the wet and dry ingredients, bake it in our tiny oven (after figuring out how to light the pilot), and whip the cream.

Whip the cream. That presented a challenge today as my arm remains in a sling due to yesterday’s swimming shenanigans.

So this morning I visited the island doctor (hours are 10 to 11 am), a cardiologist who vacations out here and volunteers his time at the clinic after his morning swim and before lunch. He charged me $5 for examining my arm and $5 for the cost of the sling. He was a very sweet man, in his 50s I’d say, who said I probably don’t have a hairline fracture.

So Hellen whipped the cream under my watchful eye while the guys grilled cheeseburgers and Serrano peppers. We toasted Yuji’s birthday on the beach before dinner and feasted on potato salad, cucumber salad, corn on the cob, and the spicy burgers.

We will leave tomorrow with bellies full of the tastes of summer.