Yesterday marked two months since the beginning of the Occupy movement here in New York City. Beginning at 7 am protestors took to the New York Stock Exchange, which was barricaded in all directions by the NYPD in riot gear and some mounted on horses. I heard the opening bell was delayed a few minutes since workers had trouble getting past all the crowds. The protests took place around the city all day and at 3 pm reached Union Square with 5,000 to 10,000 students and workers taking up the entire square and then 5th Avenue.

At 5 pm union workers, students, parents, grandparents, and children arrived in Foley Square for a rally and then a march across the Brooklyn Bridge. The NYPD estimated 32,500 people participated; I had never been in a larger rally. I marched with a group called Build the Occupation who had made word signs for the event — like refrigerator magnets, each sign carried a different word that could be jumbled together with other signs to make sayings like “We Believe,” “= Opportunity,” “Good People.” (The photo directly below is from my friend Amy,

A crafty protestor figured out how to project words onto the eyesore Verizon building at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge which brought lots of cheers and honking from cars and marchers.

This is Union Square late yesterday afternoon.

And in the morning, near the Stock Exchange, and Zuccotti Park.

I found myself in awe all day that so many people care about changing the system so it works fairly for everyone. People have been waiting for this moment for years and seem grateful to finally be able to speak out about it. One of my favorite signs of the evening said, “Let’s Be Clear, This Is A Class War.”

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