Tennis. Berries. Oysters. Fried Clams. Grilled Clams. Bluefish. Hazelnut Gelato. Beach. Some of my favorite summer indulgences all in a couple of days.

Those berries came from down the road, a little place called Oysterponds Farm, off Route 25. It’s a 5-minute walk from the house where we’re staying and we stopped by yesterday for an assortment of berries for dessert. (We ate them drizzled with honey and served with fresh whipped cream, which had just a hint of vanilla and maple syrup).

The morning started off gray and drizzly and threatened thunderstorms that never came. In fact, by 3 pm the sun was out in full force, melting ice cream and tanning noses across the shore. At 5 pm we took a stroll along the Long Island Sound here in Orient, counting jellyfish, skipping stones, and collecting green sea glass.

Tonight’s dessert is a homemade “bark” — melted chocolate (60% cocoa) with crushed almonds, cayenne, and Maldon salt. It’s chilling in the freezer so I don’t know what it tastes like yet.

And for dinner? Well it was an embarrassment of riches. There were homemade Mexican sopes (a type of thick corn tortilla topped with meat, fish or vegetables), bluefish tacos, guacamole, grilled shrimp, grilled clams, and raw oysters on the half shell.

We can justify it this way: it’s our last night on the North Fork, it’s the end of summer, we’re in a magical seafood mecca…but who needs justification to eat really well with friends?