Blogging from the beach! Came out here to Davis Park this afternoon on the 1:15 ferry after getting provisions at the Fairway in Plainview. It was a mad dash to Patchogue to catch the boat otherwise we would’ve waited two hours til the next one.

It’s cold and rainy and when we went down to the beach it was abandoned except for a lone seagull.

Amy, Christian, Yuji, Annette, Stefan and I made a beach dinner of grilled chicken, lacinato kale salad dressed with olive oil, lemon, mustard, salt, pepper and Parmesan, and linguine in a sauce of salt water (not the Atlantic variety), egg, olive oil and Parm.

We managed to grill despite the drizzle and weird organic charcoal from Fairway (“useless expensive charcoal from Long Island”).

All food tastes better at the beach, period. Glad to be here, writing near the fire, eating chocolate with friends. And I’m blogging from my iphone with the wordpress app so please excuse typos!