Outside Cafe Grumpy, 22 May 2011

A glance at some great reads from the past week:

Strange Fruit: The rise and fall of açai, by John Colapinto in this week’s New Yorker. Colapinto chronicles the origins behind the marketing of this Brazilian “super food.”

Profile of a Tastemaker: Rozanne Gold, by Nancy Matsumoto in the latest issue of Edible Manhattan, on one of New York City’s original locavores.

Artichoke Basics, a video on the New York Times website of Melissa Clark preparing artichokes. So useful!

(Not) Ducking a Legacy, by Francis Lam for Gilt Taste on whether, in the age of seasonality, a restaurant can still have signature dishes.

Filling the New York-style Pizza Vacuum by Jonathan Gold of the LA Weekly, on where to get a good slice in LA.

Snack Attack 2011 by Alice Levitt and Corin Hirsch for Vermont’s Seven Days newspaper, chronicles the state’s best summer roadside eats.