Full disclosure: I went to the greenmarket in Union Square on my lunch break yesterday in search of more ramps. The season is fleeting and my appetite persistent. By 2 pm, however, they were gone. I’m glad others will get to enjoy them.

I stumbled upon some over-wintered spinach that looked bright and green and threw it into my sack for $4. I thought about the green garlic but, looking a little wilted, it will have to wait for another time. Added some brown eggs and multi-grain bread and called it a day.

I like the sound of over-wintered spinach, or broccoli rabe. Because it sums up how I feel: over winter, indeed.

When I woke up this morning I wanted something savory and hearty, not my usual yogurt-fruit-cereal breakfast. I heated a little olive oil in a skillet and threw in the spinach, to wilt, for about one minute, adding salt and promptly removing the spinach from the skillet. Meanwhile I toasted slices of the Bread Alone loaf, slathering on avocado*, kosher salt and pepper. In the same skillet I had warmed the spinach I added an egg, covered the pan with a lid, and let the egg cook for about 2 or 3 minutes, then turned off the heat. On top of the avocado toasts I added the wilted spinach and egg and got to work.

*The avocado came from the Park Slope food co-op. I am proud to announce I have officially rejoined! Although this FTOP thing looks tricky – I could barely find one, let alone two, shifts during May so I’m told I will be on “alert” until I can complete my first shift in June. I came home with overflowing bags of green lentils, rice shakes, dried apricots and mango, bananas, broccoli, and spices. It’s good to be back.