Some of the raw ingredients: Ronnybrook whole milk and maple syrup from last year's crop

Today just may be the first day of spring here in New York. It’s certainly the first day I’ve felt warm in the sun. Or felt sun, period.

After breaking a sweat running some errands in Manhattan I came home and decided it was time for iced coffee.

Last year while visiting my friends Kate and Sebastian on their farm in Ripton, VT I was served a delicious “Vermont Coffee” along with homemade brownies and vanilla ice cream. This was just a little welcome amuse bouche for sipping and munching while browsing what was new on the farm front. (Bless Kate.)

Kate’s version of coffee for the warm months involves brewing some very strong coffee, then diluting with cold water and ice cubes. Add to that Grade B (the darker kind) VT maple syrup, to taste, and whole milk or cream. (Kate uses raw milk she gets from a local farm, which is legal in VT if you buy it on the grounds of the farm.) Stir, and serve in a pint glass (if you’re lucky from Otter Creek Brewery). Enjoy while petting a pig or collecting eggs from the chicken coop. This should go down in food history along with Vietnamese Coffee or Thai Iced Tea.

Vermont Iced Coffee

Serves 4

2 cups brewed very strong coffee or espresso (personally I use decaf, tastes as good, without the increased heart rate)
4 tbsp Vermont maple syrup Grade B
1 c whole milk or 1/2 c cream
Ice water, ice cubes

After brewing the coffee, divide equally among 4 pint glasses. While hot, add the maple syrup and stir. Add the milk or cream among the glasses, then top off with cold water and ice.